Elite Construction has a state-of-the-art electric utility substation / relay training program complete with substation and protection control relay lab. Training content consists of substation wiremen, relay technician and electrician training material with realistic “Hands On” workstations for demonstrating learned electrical and safety skills. Training topics consist of Safety, Human Performance, Substation Construction and Substation Maintenance skills, as well as Relay Technician Testing and Commissioning Skill Sets.

Hands on and Classroom Training

Elite Construction offers internal programs where employees experience a Relay Wiremen training program entitled “Think Like a Relay Technician”. This new training effort will provide “seasoned” relay wiremen with the ability to think and act like a relay technician. Attributes of this new training program would be enhanced human performance training such as “relay panel risk assessments”, enhanced electrical print reading skills, insulated hand tool use, relay test equipment, DC Battery systems and development of functional testing and commissioning guidelines.

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