Elite Construction offers a wide range of services in electrical substation construction. All of our substation crews are skilled in outside yard work, which includes, but not limited to, installation of breakers, switches, capacitor banks, bus systems including welding, duct banks, conduits, RTU cabinets, transformers, metering, lighting, and GOABs. We have experience working in 13kV yards to 500kV yards. Our wiremen have experience in relay panel wiring, SCADA, A/C & D/C panel battery installs, and SIS wiring. Whether it is new construction, an addition, or maintenance, we are dedicated to servicing our customer’s needs.

New Construction

  • Substation construction, additions, or upgrades 13kv to 500kv
  • Substation design build services
  • Installation of complete ground grid systems
  • Structure erection up to 500kV, with lattice, tubular and I-beam steel
  • Bus installation including both welded and compression connections
  • High voltage cable installation and terminations
  • Complete testing services
  • Dedicated crew services


  • Oil containment system installation
    • Bushing replacements
    • Cleaning/waxing of bus, insulators, and bushings
    • Surge arrestor replacement
    • Wave trap installation
    • Capacitor bank installation Relay & Control:
    • Control House supply and install or turnkey build onsite
    • Installation of relay and control panels
    • Station Integration/ automation and modifications
    • Battery systems upgrade
    • Control house facility maintenance
    • P & C design service available
    • Dedicated control wiremen services
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