The Capacity Model

Safety is a key value of Elite Construction. The Capacity Model is driven by leadership, and leaders are accountable for the safety of their employees. Elite’s management team fosters a culture in which employees have the chance and obligation to take responsibility for their own and their coworkers’ safety. We’ve always believed that our most precious asset – what genuinely distinguishes us – is our workforce. Nothing is more essential than our employees returning home safely at the end of the day.

The Capacity Model is creating a work environment that focuses on incident prevention while simultaneously increasing the capacity for failure by always planning and performing our job as if failure will occur today.

Developing a learning-based attitude enables the company to adapt and evolve, drawing on lessons learned and operational efficiencies discovered via cooperation.

The SHEQ Shift

Foundational Assumption

Significant occurrences occur as a result of the release or transfer of energy that cannot be safely absorbed.

Define The Problem (why)

In our industry, life-ending, life-threatening, and life-changing incidents continue to occur.

Define Success (what)

Life-ending, life-threatening, and life-altering catastrophes are avoided.

Guiding Principle (how)

When there is a significant energy exposure, we must be able to fail safely.

STKY Discussions

It is critical for workers to begin thinking on STKY scenarios that may arise on their workplace. Significant occurrences occur as a result of the release or transfer of energy that cannot be safely absorbed. When there is high-energy exposure, we must be able to fail safely.

STKY discussions are brief talks that focus on identifying STKY and deciding how to deal with it. These should be part of normal job briefings but can be repeated throughout the day.

  1.  What’s STKY on this job site?
  2.  When a STKY event happens, what will protect you and the crew?
  3.  Is that protection enough, or do you need more? What else can you do to protect against STKY?

STKYa – an actual injury that results in one of the three outcomes:

1. Life-threatening

A state where death is imminent or probable if not immediately addressed by trained medical personnel, often with the aid of life-sustaining support. Examples include profuse bleeding, damaged/blocked airway, untreated shock, or unnatural arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat due to unnatural causes like a shock or ingestion of a toxic substance).

2. Life-altering

A state of permanent or long-term impairment or loss of the use of an internal organ, bodily function, or body part. Example injuries include amputations, loss of vision/eye, compound fractures, spinal injuries or paralysis, severe burns, and disfigurement.

3. Life-ending

An injury that results in the death of an employee.

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